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Legal Mandate

CPA Afghanistan operates under the authority of the CPA Afghanistan Law signed by H.E. President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani on 4th of Hamal 1395 (March 4th, 2017)

Supervisory Body

Ministry of Finance serves as the supervisory body for CPA Afghanistan.

Governance and Oversight Body

CPA Afghanistan Board serves as the governing body and provides oversight of the CPA Afghanistan. Under the Law, the following key stakeholders nominate seven members of the Board:

  1. CPA Afghanistan in MoF
  2. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (Private Sector)
  3. Central Bank Afghanistan (DAB)
  4. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  5. Ministry of Economy
  6. Ministry of Higher Education
  7. CPA Afghanistan member


The small size of the Board allows it to be agile and nimble in addressing the priorities, as well as makes it easy to seize opportunities as they arise.

Contact info

 CPA Afghanistan,
      Treasury Department,
      Ministry of Finance,
      Pashtonistan Watt,
      Kabul Afghanistan,
   +93 777 88 88 66