As part of its mission to build the capacity of professional accountants and promote high-quality financial reporting and auditing, CPA Afghanistan regularly organizes conferences and other events for members, students, firms and the broader business community.


International Conference "Accountancy Profession in Afghanistan"

An International Conference, held on 11 December 2017, on the theme of Accountancy Profession in Afghanistan, held by CPA Afghanistan with the collaboration of ACCA. The conference brought together over 280 Multinational and National Organizations from Government and Private Sectors nationwide, to share their experiences, to learn from one another and to debate the future development of Accountancy Profession in the country.

As financial markets integrate and business operations expand, the need for adoption of common global accounting practices enhances. Heightening this need further are inadequacies in reporting systems of the Companies and Organizations in Afghanistan that sometimes undermine the credibility of published financial data. This Mega Conference in turn have brought a call to all these Organizations on how to align the content and presentation of corporate financial statements better with the interests of those statements’ users. The conference was structured around small, facilitated panel discussions and presentations to allow all participants to enter into practical discussion.

The conference was a key activity for CPA Afghanistan as an introduction of the growing network of professionals and companies interested in introducing Certified Professional Accounting in their companies and helping them understand the importance of Accountants in every Organization as it’s backbone. Accounting gives the management, the information regarding the financial position of the business, such as; profit and loss, cost and earnings, liabilities and assets, etc. That is why importance of accounting in business is very large.

The conference was attended by a wide range of participants from: telecommunication, practitioners and audit firms, Private and Public universities, Health Promoters, Community Activists and others interested in incorporating professional accounting approaches into their work and policies.

The Membership & Awards Presentation Ceremony for ACCA members, affiliates and students was held after the lunch break. CPA Afghanistan and ACCA jointly held the ACCA Members Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of 30 ACCA members from Afghanistan. Members who attained the membership milestone before 2016 were awarded member certificates. Also receiving recognition at the ceremony were the Professional Accountant students who were awarded mementos at the ceremony for attaining highest marks in examinations.

It was a day of celebration and to mark this day of new beginnings the membership certificates and momentous were awarded by the ACCA President Mr. Brian McEnery.

International Accounting Day:

The International Accountant Day was celebrated in Kabul Serena Hotel by CPA Afghanistan on 25 October 2017 to give recognition to the accountants and promote the accountancy profession.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Director General of Treasury, Afghanistan Chamber Commerce & Industries CEO, Government Officials and Professors had their speech on this day where they mentioned that due to the lack of professional experts, the budget is not used at a given time; there is an urgent need for professional accountants. Accounting is an important element of trade; the economy improves when its consumption account is clear. In the private sector, the need of expert accountants is very high and by supporting the professional accountants the problems will be solved. For making the right decision, Management depends on statistical data and information that accounting provides. The main object of Accounting is to record financial transactions systematically in the books of accounts and to find out profit-loss and financial position of a business.

The program was attended by all the Professional Accountants of the country. After the speech, a presentation competition session was held where the Professional Accountant students were divided into groups and were asked to give presentations on some Accounting topics. CPA Afghanistan Executive team were the jury for the presentation. Awards were presented to team who presented the best presentations,

Cultural programs, and discussions on future plans of CPA Afghanistan etc. was the part of celebration as well.

Memoranda of Understanding

  • Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants (JACPA)

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