CPA Approved Learning Partners

The program for Approved Learning Partners gives recognition to those learning providers that provide quality education and support to students. The current list of Approved Learning Providers include:


  • Add names of the current ALPs
  • 1.         American University of Afghanistan
  • 2.         Barlas Centre for Business Management
  • 3.         Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF)
  • 4.         Kateb University
  • 5.         Prestige Institute of Accountancy
  • 6.         Professional Institute of Business and Finance (PIBF)


Please contact us to learn more about the program and the process for becoming an Approved Learning Partner.

Contact info

 CPA Afghanistan,
      Treasury Department,
      Ministry of Finance,
      Pashtonistan Watt,
      Kabul Afghanistan,
   +93 777 88 88 66